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Design and manufacture of the support structure optimised for the project site
Training: training of installers
On-site support


Design of the support structure optimised for the project site

There may be major differences between sites.
Environmental conditions require different technical solutions. There is no single support structure that is suitable for every location in the world, so it is necessary to look at the characteristics of the project comprehensively.

Which support structure gives you the best return? Cost/benefit analysis

In most cases, 2-4 different types of structure can be used for a single project. In such cases, it is advisable to choose the one that is optimal in terms of the cost/benefit analysis. What are the maintenance costs, how much energy will the system produce with different designs, and whether the life expectancy is different?

training of installers

IKARUS MOUNTING SYSTEMS provides training in professional mounting of the support structure with its own training system in its own training centre.


When the on-site installation of the support structure starts, we provide on-site training and optimisation of the installation process.



During construction, it is often a headache when the first truck arrives with the support structure.

The installers try to assemble the first few tables with the help of the technical specifications and drawings.

Often this takes a lot of time and in some cases the end result may be different from what was envisaged.


IKARUS MOUNTING SYTEMS offers theoretical training followed by practical training to its customers.

The aim of the training is: professional, fast and efficient assembly.

The primary objective is to ensure that the team is able to correctly assemble the chosen support structure.

In addition, the training also covers how to organise the logistics on site in the given area.

How to handle the solar panels.

How to install solar panels avoiding micro-cracking.

What are the points designated by the solar panel manufacturers at which the module should be fixed to the support structure.

How much is the pressure resistance reduced if the panel is not fixed at the correct point.

What to do for different soil types.

When nature intervenes, or “How to deal with unexpected situations?”

The training lasts 1-2 days depending on the actual support structure.